What Should I do after becoming a Muslim?

Once you become Muslim, you should immediately take a bath or shower (i.e. Ghusl). Please read more about the major ablution that we as Muslims perform when we are in a state of major impurity.

If able, you should then offer a two Rakat prayer. If you do not know in Surahs or Chapters from Al Quraan, it is sufficient to try and memorize Surah Al Fatiha and then repeat what you remember in your prayer. Normally, we as Muslims recite two surahs or parts of surahs when we pray,with the first surah always being Al Fatiha (The Opening Chapter). However, for new Muslims it is sufficient for them to just recite Al Fatiha if possible, inshAllah without adding the extra surah until they are able to memorize it.

After this you must then study and act upon the five principles (pillars) of Islam, as well as study and believe in the six articles of faith.